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      Schwing Stetter Stationary Concrete Batching Plants


      The Schwing Stetter range of Stationary Batching Plants can keep the concrete flowing with a single top end plant producing up to 260m³ per hour when twinned. That's almost enough to fill a truck mixer every 90 seconds.

      There is a comprehensive range of Stetter Batching Plants, all with fully galvanised aggregate bins and weatherproofed to suit GCC Conditions. These can be divided into Compact, Vertical and Horizontal Batching Plants.

      When choosing your Batching Plant, you will require more technical advice than can be provided in the provided Spec Sheets. It is advised to seek the technical assistance of a CMC Concrete Solutions Expert who will guide you on which model will best suits your particular needs.

      Features & Benefits


      • Precision German

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