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      Pramac Lifter Electric Pallet Truck (PPT)


      Pramac Lifter Electric pallet trucks are suitable for loads up to 2000kgs. Models are equipped with a footplate are highly versatile electrical pallet trucks which, thanks to their folding footplate, can be used in confined spaces or over medium distances with an excellent shift speed (8 - 10 km/h). The strong frame, the separately excited traction motor technology and the braking system with energy recovery are just few samples of the high technology of this machine.

      Ideal for moving loads rapidly and safely over long distances. Structural solidity and quality of components makes the Electric pallet trucks applicable for all warehouse and shift types.

      Features & Benefits


      • Load Capacity: 2000-2200 kg
      • Lifting Height: 115 mm
      • Fork Length: 1000 -1150 mm
      • Distance between Forks: 550-680 mm

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