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      Silla Four Wheel Drive Dumper with Shovel


      The Silla Dumpers Range is well known throughout the world. There are many versions and we are able to offer a configuration that will fulfil most concrete placing duties.

      These heavy duty robust machines are well suited for off - road and construction site duty. They are offered in Two Wheel and Four Wheel Drive with articulated centre pivot chassis and heavy duty braking. Models are available with the option of forward tipping, high discharge and turntable skips. Wide or narrow mouth skips are available.


      1200 NT/P with Shovel


      Skip Capacity – Struck

      1200 litres

      Skip Capacity – Heaped

      1500 litres

      Max Payload

      3000 kg

      Features & Benefits


      • Heavy Duty Articulated Centre Pivot Chassis operating in both the horizontal and the vertical plane
      • Hydraulic Frontal Tipping WITH SHOVEL