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      Schwing Stetter Transit Mixers (Truck with Mixer)


      For dependable transport of concrete from batching plant to site, we have a range of Stetter concrete truck mixers available to get the job done reliably.

      There are 7 mains sizes of mixer truck from 6m³ (AM 6 C) through to 15m³ (AM 15 C). These are available across the series (Basic, Light, Heavy Duty and Trailer) and being driven either by the vehicle engine or a separate engine. There is also now a special Ultraeco version available.

      You can filter the many combinations based on the basic model, the series, drive or number of axles. Please contact a CMC Schwing Expert for guidance on the full range.

      Features & Benefits


      • Available in Vehicle Brand required to suit particular customer need, including MAN, Mercedes and Scania.
      • High Loading Volumes Optimum Drive Characteristics due to Low Center of Gravity
      • Wear resistant plates in feed hopper
      • Discharge shell and swivel chute for increased hardness levels in wear resistant steel in some models


      • Extended Drum Lifetime 
      • Most economic transport of concrete over many years
      • Reduced operating costs

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